The differences between laminate and vinyl are differences that can be measured for each flooring product. Laminate cannot necessary be installed in areas where vinyl can be installed. Vinyl can be installed almost anywhere and is moisture resistant where laminate is not necessary moisture resistant and can only be installed in certain places.

Laminate flooring specifications is considered a luxury vinyl plank and is comparable in looks and installation of the product.  Laminate has a very hard durable surface that is resistant to scratches and fading. It is very durable product that is made up of wood by products that is bonded with glues.   There is a hardwood like transparent barrier that projects the main layer.

Vinyl flooring specifications are made of a material that is a 100% synthetic. It product is made up of fiberglass, PVC and other plastics.    The main layer is a sheet that is printed and has multiple wear layers that are applied for a long lasting product.



Vinyl flooring is made to look like realistic.  It can resemble wood floorings and is sometimes mistaken for Laminate flooring.  Laminate flooring and luxury vinyl flooring are also very comparable in appearance.  Laminate flooring will look more like hardwood, stone, ceramics and other materials.  The selection of laminate is endless for any project.  Laminate is a popular flooring product because it can look like many different products at a fraction of the cost of other flooring products.


Water and Heat Resistant

Laminate flooring is a product made of fiberboard.  The core is mostly wood by product and will soften if it is exposed to a lot of water.   The inner core of the fiberboard will not go back to its original shape if it is exposed to water and then dries. There are times that the main layer of the laminate will wear and peel if the product has too much moisture.  The downfall of this is that if the product gets too much water it will all have to be replaced.  If the flooring is properly installed, homeowners will rarely experience this as an issue related to moisture problems. Vinyl floors today are made with 100% polymer materials. Luxury vinyl flooring can be submerged in water for long periods of time and dried while retaining the shape of the plank.  Vinyl planks are often used in bathrooms where there is moisture. Vinyl Plank is often used in areas such as basements, bathrooms and washrooms due to the moisture resistant features of the product.

Maintenance and Durability

Laminate Flooring is very durable and a low-maintenance product.  Laminate may delaminate over time if it is exposed too much water.  If laminated is scratched it will not be able to be repaired and will eventually have to be replaced.  Vinyl flooring is also low-maintenance and can delaminate overtime. The individual self-sticking tiles can also loosen over time. Vinyl over all is a product that is a little more durable then laminate and can with stand longer due to the characteristics of the product.



Laminate flooring has a range from 10 to 25 year and is tied to the care and maintenance of the product where vinyl warranties range up to 20 years. Laminate is probably the best product to install if care and maintenance can be completed to the specs of the manufacture.


Resale Value in Installed Homes

Both products compare basically the same when installed in a home.  Vinyl and laminate do not match the value of true hardwood.  Vinyl and laminate will not distract buyers when they are looking at a home they are thinking about purchasing.  Some homeowners even prefer vinyl and laminate due the durability of the products and the look and feel of the products because the product can look like hardwood.  The cost of both products is also comparable.   When homeowners are looking for vinyl or laminate, it usually becomes a personal choice that they are looking for that will meet the needs of their flooring project.


If you are looking for a flooring product that is durable, economical, vinyl flooring or laminate flooring, you can select from a wide variety of vinyl or laminate flooring products that will make any room stand out.  Both will cost nearly the same and are just as easy to install.  If you are looking for the right vinyl flooring or laminate flooring product, contact Laminate Flooring Fort Collins today to discuss your next flooring project.